Tuesday, May 30, 2017

NEW: Dio live in Fort Wayne 1998 - 1DVD - June 11

Piere's Entertainment Center
Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
June 11, 1998

Ronnie James Dio
Tracy G
Larry Dennison
Scott Warren
Simon Wright

Lineage:unknown (but certainly low) gen VHS>.avi>premiere edit>VIDEO TS (using Ulead)>DVD-R>DVDShrink (lossless extraction)>VIDEO TS

Tracklist (1:35:58)

Intro / Evilution
Straight Through The Heart
Don't Talk To Strangers
Holy Diver
Heaven and Hell
Childern of the Sea
Stand Up and Shout
Shame on the Night
Catch The Rainbow / Tracy G solo
The Last In Line
Rainbow in the Dark
Neon Knights
Man on the Silver Mountain / Long Live Rock & Roll
We Rock

Notes: Another in a box of purchased VHS tapes, this one looks pretty low generation and is very well shot; I converted this
DVD on July 28, 2013. This is Dio in his wilderness years, putting in a powerful and intense performance. Tracy G gets a lot
of guff from fans, and I don't think he was the greatest writer, but, he is undoubtedly an interesting guitar player and I
enjoy hearing his take on the classics. This Dio band is very different from the one that was started 15 years earlier, but,
this is a solid performance and a very well shot video from an underrated time period.

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