Monday, June 20, 2016

NEW: Ozzy Osbourne live in Rio de Janeiro 2011 - 1DVD - April 7

Ozzy Osbourne
Rio de Janeiro

Cicero HD  Series Volume 2 !!!!

The dvd has a  nice menu (Cicero´s Style) and every chapter is a song
In my humble opinion, it was a very nice show, but the band is the weakest one the madman has had. The drummer acts like an octopus, but he does not play like Aldridge or R. Castillo, or even the FNM guy... He is more image than sound ! The bass player is so ... normal. The Guitar player is OK !
A great number of  songs was shot by clawbrz and mgfri(thanks a lot for the great work, the credits are included at the dvd menu this time).

Bark at the Moon
Let Me Hear You Scream
Mr. Crowley
I Don't Know
Fairies Wear Boots
(Black Sabbath cover)
Suicide Solution
Road to Nowhere
War Pigs
(Black Sabbath cover)
Shot in the Dark
Rat Salad
(Black Sabbath cover) (Drums & Guitar Solo)
Iron Man
(Black Sabbath cover)
I Don't Want to Change the World
Crazy Train
Mama, I'm Coming Home

Note: During the guitar solo in the song Rat Salad, Gus G played a small part of the Brazilian song "Brasileirinho"


Friday, June 17, 2016

NEW: Black Sabbath "The Early Demos" - 1CD

Black Sabbath
"The Early Demos"

Black Sabbath - unmixed demo (cuts at end)
Behind The Wall Of Sleep - 1970 basement demo
Can It Be (Rock N Roll Doctor) - demo
A National Acrobat - demo
Fairies Wear Boots - demo
Looking For Today - demo
The Rebel - clip
unknown jam session
Blow On A Jug - clip

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NEW: Black Sabbath live in Mountain View 2013 - 2CD - August 26

Black Sabbath
August 26, 2013
Shoreline Ampetheater
Mountain View, CA

equipment sony pcm-m10 built in mics

taping location upper lawn

had a area all to myself not much crowd chatter, and lined up with a stack so nice and clear.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

RE-UP: Black Sabbath live in San Antonio 1986 - 1CD - with Eternal Idol demos

Black Sabbath
"The Ray Gillen Years".
Artwork included
FM Radio broadcast

San Antonio Texas
April 1986
The Eternal Idol demos

setlist :
Danger Zone
War Pigs
Heart Like a Wheel
Symptom Of the Universe
Sweet Leaf
Black Sabbath
Neon Nights
Eternal Idol
Born To Loose
Lost Forever
Hard Life To Love
Glory Ride
Ancient Warrior
The Shining

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RE-UP: Black Sabbath live in Pittsburgh 1976 & 1978 - 1CD - soundboard

Black Sabbath
King Biscuit radio broadcasts
Pittsburgh 1976 & 1978
artwork included

December 8, 1976
Symptom of the Universe
War Pigs
Children of The Grave

September 2, 1978
Ozzy speaks
Black Sabbath
Iron Man

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RE-UP: Black Sabbath live in Stafford 1981 - 2CD - January 25

Black Sabbath
New Bingley Hall
Stafford, UK
Audience recording
Gutlit CDR
Unknown generation

Running time:
98:50 min

(101) Supertzar (intro tape, cuts in) (00:08)
(102) War Pigs (07:26)
(103) Neon Knights (04:47)
(104) N.I.B (05:36)
(105) Children Of The Sea (06:55)
(106) Sweet Leaf (03:48)
(107) Drum solo & Sweet Leaf (continued) (05:18)
(108) Lady Evil (05:08)
(109) Black Sabbath (fades out) (06:44)
(201) Black Sabbath (continued) (03:24)
(202) Heaven And Hell (14:37)
(203) Iron Man & guitar solo (08:46)
(204) Guitar solo  (10:37)
(205) Guitar solo & Die Young (drop-out at min 1:23) (05:07)
(206) Paranoid & Heaven And Hell (reprise) (04:00)
(207) Children Of The Grave (06:28)

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RE-UP: Black Sabbath live in Miami 1980 - 2CD - September 7

Black Sabbath

Miami, FL
Jai Alai Fronton

source: Second source audience recording, PerErikversion, 2013-transfer
length: 92.34

I have been given the pleasure of transferring some of renowned collector
PerEriks Sabbathtapes in hopes of catching some upgrades. This is one of them, a poor tape of the second source. Transferred to PC by Tolvis on 2013-12-22. This is for collectors only.

There are some bumps in Children of the grave which I could not remove
successfully without tampering with the sound, so I left them in.

No EQ or other tampering has been done.

Intro: Supertzar
War pigs
Neon knights
Children of the sea
Sweet leaf (incl. drum solo)
Black sabbath
Heaven and hell
Iron man
Tony Iommi - guitar solo
Die young
Children of the grave


RE-UP: Black Sabbath live in London 1973 - 1CD - August 2

Black Sabbath

DATE : 1973/08/02

VENUE : Alexandria Palace, London, UK


Tomorrow's Dream
Sweet Leaf
War Pigs
Killing Yourself To Live
A National Acrobat
Children Of The Grave

NOTES : Fair (at best) audience recording made during a summer festival before the beginning of the "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" tour. The sound of this one is really boomy and on some places you might have a hard time guessing what's happening. Still, this recording is worth having for its historical value as it contains the first of the two only known live recordings of the rarely played "A National Acrobat".

Mainly for completists I guess.